Monday, May 1, 2017

customizable planners with erin condren

In the past I have always been a planner person.  I actually have kept them all too, as I think it will be fun one day to go back and see exactly what I was doing on past dates.  However, last year I did a pretty awful job at sticking to one, mainly because the one I had was so large that I never took it anywhere with me, which ended up with appointments, meetings, and to do lists being kept in multiple areas, that didn't always end up on every location....basically a waste!

So this year I decided to go digital, it was the first year since maybe elementary school that I did not have a planner.  I have quickly learned that this was not working either!  I am a to-do list maker and keeping them in one place makes me so much more productive when it comes to getting things done...vs trying to find where I put the scrap piece of paper I made a list on.  When Erin Condren reached out about a collaboration using her LifePlanner™, it was like the phone call of the exact thing you known you've needed, but just haven't had the time to do.  

I have to say, I LOVE this planner, it has just the right about of what you need without too many extra bells and whistles that just end up cluttering things up!  Its completely customizable also....if you like that kind of thing!

If you get sick of the cover, you can even easily change that without having to buy a whole new!  When ordering from their website you can select how you want the pages to look... color vs black and white, and how you like your day set up...hourly, ect.

In the market for a completely customizable planner, as well as every add on you can think of?! Head over to and they are also offering Confetti & Stripes followers 15% off through 7/31/17 with code GETSOCIAL15. So go check them out, and let me know which cover you chose... it took me forever to decide!

Thank you to Erin Condren for sponsoring this post

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