Wednesday, May 20, 2015

on trend | luxe family game night

Have you noticed the reoccurrence of classic games being updated in luxe versions?!  Think luxury family game night.  I have been super impressed with the new spin on pool and ping pong tables at some of the past markets...but what if you don't have a full on game room and still want to incorporate this trend into your decor?  Yes, I said decor...obviously these pieces can be used to actually play games...but many of them have the details that allow them to double as art pieces.

I also recently watched a video that was talking about this exact trend and how it shows with our lives being over consumed with electronics, ect. that many people crave the classics, no batteries required! While also forcing you to have actual conversations with people....not just through your phones!

Does he come with the game?!

all images via pinterest

My top picks you can grab for yourself!...

Kelly Wearstler


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