Tuesday, March 3, 2015

power couple: nate berkus & jeremiah brent

I love finding out about design couples...I think it somewhat makes me envious of being able to have late night conversations about design details while the other actually knows what you're talking about.  However, I also wonder about the flip side and if they drive each other crazy....its also nice to be the only creative in the house...aka when it comes to design decisions I win!

This couple makes me so happy and I totally want to be their BFF.  Everyone knows who Nate Berkus is...so no introduction needed.  His other half, Jeremiah Brent, I have been following since he was Rachel Zoes assistant (aka built in interior designer for most likely way cheaper) on the Rachel Zoe Project (yes...I watch way too much E! and Bravo).  You may remember the nursery he designed for her pictured below....(one day my kids will have a H blanket as their baby bedding...or that a sign that you have gone crazy?!?!)  Back when I found out they were getting married I was so excited to see what that meant for them working together design wise...because obviously they would.

Now check out what the duo has done together....I think they master the perfect mix...perfect amount of masculine, high/low, ect.

You can get the look for your own home through their own lines...and on a budget!

Jeremiah also has a candle collection and its currently on sale on Gilt!


  1. LOVE these two together! I also followed Jeremiah on Rachel Zoe's show. Thought everything he did was amazing. And I love how they mix their styles together and it looks so flawless. Nate spoke at the Design Bloggers Conference last week and actually talked about that black wall in their entry and how he fought it, but Jeremiah really pushed for it, and now it's one of his favorite elements in his home. (Funny story, he also said a magazine asked him about it and he totally took credit for it while Jeremiah was sitting right next to him!) Great couple. :)


  2. Who knew a solid black shade could look so chic?! I have loved JB ever since Rachel Zoe too!


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