Friday, March 6, 2015

a few of my favorite instagrammers

With so much social media these days it can be hard to keep up.  My favorite is hands down instagram...maybe it's the visual/design part of me but I am definitely on it the most.  So I thought I would do a spin on #followfriday and share some of my favorite instagrammers you should be following!  (& if you're not already you can follow me @malloryshawdesign)

Erica Cook of Moth Design has been one of my favs for a few years now.  This mom of 5 boys has more style than I know what to do a white based house...with 5 boys.  Proof that it can be done!  She also is constant inspiration for styling your coffee tables, ect!  Follow her @erica.cook or check out her blog here!

Brian Patrick Flynn is an Atlanta based designer who seriously has to win the award for wittiest quotes, thoughts, ect.  His work is amazing and his comments are constantly making me laugh! (See below.)  Follow him @bpatrickflynn and check out his site here!

Ally of From The Right Bank is also Atlanta based and shares her design updates to her own home and also her travels.  This chic should be the photo you see when looking up jetsetter in the dictionary.  She is constantly traveling the work and I really just want to go along in her suitcase.  She also was the first to do leopard upholstered parsons club chairs...which we have now seen repeated so many times!  Follow her @fromtherightbank and check out her blog here!

Next up is Insieme House...I actually don't even know how I came across this instagram account but I'm so glad I did.  This cute new england A frame cottage shows that you can have lots of style in a small space.  I have always be fascinated by small living spaces and this just takes it to the next level.  Follow her @insieme_house and she has a site coming soon here!

So who are some of your favorites?!  I always love learning about new accounts!

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  1. I follow all of them except Insieme House (which I'm about to remedy). Ally is one of my favorites and I've had the good fortune of meeting and knowing her in real life. She is the real deal amazing. BPF is hysterical!! I follow so many people it's hard to keep track anymore!! :)


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