Sunday, February 8, 2015

valentine week | reviewing the bouqs

Over the holidays I was scent a Bouq arrangement to review.  The Bouqs Company is an online flower delivery site that delivers blooms straight from volcanos or the coast of California (depending on the collection you choose) to your door...easy as that.  What I love best about the site is their concierge program (every man should know about this)....You can set up weekly/monthly deliveries...or go in a set your calendar up for the year to make sure you never miss a special day...birthday, anniversary, mothers get the drift!  I am definitely a believer in keeping fresh flowers in your home (its proven to make you happier) so this was right up my alley!

So...about my experience!  First online I went to order my arrangement...easiest process ever (just like online shopping for anything else).  I am usually drawn to white flowers however the color variations in the Dawn arrangement just stood out and I knew thats what I wanted to try.  Obviously color choice is a completely personal preference, but I must say....these were amazing in color!  Next on my scheduled delivery day a giant box arrived at my door...where the delivery guy proceeded to ask what my boyfriend had done?!  Just made me laugh!  After opening the box I realized I had received 40 roses (I ordered the deluxe Bouq...which is 36) an added bonus!

This is where I make a slight mistake (that was later fixed).  I pulled all of the blooms out onto the counter to take a photo for instagram (blogger problems)....then walked off thinking I would come right back and was back in the kitchen 2 hours later.  Yikes!  Needless to say they started to droop a little...I had faith though.  I knew I wanted to do a ball arrangement, and that required cutting off a decent about of the long stem...this is what saved me...and my Bouq!  The flowers then lasted over a week and the color of them I fell in love with more as they started to open up.  Enough rambling...the pics speak for themselves.

Now go tell your Valentine about the Bouqs....or even better just treat yourself!
(I'm dropping hints for the concierge service!)

*This post is sponsored by The Bouqs Company, however all opinions are my own!

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