Tuesday, January 6, 2015

my approach to goals for 2015

Ahh hard to believe we are already into 2015...nuts!  I thought I would share what my approach is this year to setting goals and just overall improvement from 2014!

I totally get why people put there goals out there for the world to see to help keep accountability.  However, a part of me feels like sharing your goals is like sharing your diary.  I mean goals are simply things you want to improve upon...hence also show your weaknesses!  I know we all have weaknesses/ things we feel less than perfect with.  But for me, not having the idea of "this will be on your blog" in the back of my head while working on 2015 goals just made me be a little more realistic.  So I'm sharing others I have pulled off the web. #killme

1. Mind mapping.  I use mind mapping all the time for anything from client design brainstorming to business ideas, to meal planning.  Being a visual person makes the layout perfect for me.  Plus I don't have to worry about the OCD of not having enough bullets in one section...ect.  The great thing about mind mapping is also that there is no right or wrong way to do it...its up to you.  If you have never tried...google it there are also videos, ect.  I highly recommend.

This is now I layed out my 2015 goals and the ways I plan to reach them!  Here are some others examples....
via pinterest

via pinterest

2. "Focus on Enjoyment."  Working from home it can be easy to put off the tasks you don't enjoy until the last minute and finding 8 million other things that "need" to be done instead.  I recently read an article that said the simple phrase of 'focus on enjoyment'...its crazy how on point this is.  The whole idea is to focus on the enjoyment of every task...even the ones you don't like.  For instance hate doing paper work...turn that into the time when you also enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and curl up with a blanket while you work.  Make things more enjoyable and your are more likely to complete them!

3. Be a better "checker offer."  I love making lists...they make me feel organized and on top of the day each morning.  Checking off everything on the list is another story.  I need to be better at making lists that are actually doable in a day and then doing everything on them.

4. Glass half full.  I find myself falling toward glass half empty more than I would like (or care) to admit.  There are so many things to be thankful for...and its a much better (an healthier) approach to each day.  #positivevibes

So how do you approach goals/ resolutions each year?  I love to hear other peoples ideas!

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