Friday, January 30, 2015

friday five

I love the time of year when retailers are switching over collections and there is new product out there!  I have come across some great steals recently...

1. This mirror from Target's new threshold collection looks even better in person...and is only $50!  I would do a pair or trio together!

Gold Target Threshold Mirror

2. Next, I came across these chairs from you'll never guess where...Hobby Lobby!  I usually hate going into that store b/c its so overwhelming...but sometime you just have to.  If they start to carry more things like this I may just enjoy it more!

These last two were stackable!  Perfect for outdoors!

3. The Nirvana White scent from Elizabeth and James has become my daily go to lately....

Elizabeth & James Nirvana White
4.  I finally picked up a copy of Skinnytaste's new cook is just like her blog and does not disappoint.  I actually made the shrimp and grits that are featured on the cover this past week and they were just like a restaurant & so yum!  Which says a lot b/c I have never even attempted shrimp and grits on my own due to the fear of just how bad I would make them!  I also feel like I'm a good judge due to growing up in SC and trying countless takes on this dish!

Skinnytaste cookbook
5.  Loved this article from House Beautiful on the 6 mistakes you're making when making your bed!  A must read...happy to say I do all of them...even ironing (or at least steaming)! 

Happy Friday friends...hope you all have a great super bowl weekend!

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