Monday, November 10, 2014

runway to room | tartan plaid

Is it just me or does the cool weather have you wishing you owned a cabin you could getaway to on the weekends?!  Something cute and cozy!  I'm sure you have all seen your fair share of plaid scarves coming out in full force for fall..I love the classic pattern, and how there are so many ways to use it in new fresh ways that don't feel both your wardrobe and home!

Today i'm focusing more on Tartan plaid vs "regular" plaid (well maybe with a little thrown in b/c I like the pics!).  So what is the difference?!  Tartan is simply a type of plaid...basically all tartan patterns are plaid, yet not all plaid patterns are tartan!  To be considered a plaid pattern both the horizontal and vertical lines must intersect at a 90 degree angle.  Tartan plaid is simply when the exact same stripe pattern that is used vertically is also used horizontally.  There are also many more plaid categories..but I'm not trying to get into a confusing pattern lesson on a Monday morning!

Do you have any plaid in your own home??  Do you leave it out year round or just during the cool months?

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