Sunday, October 26, 2014

one room challenge | week 4: kuka juice

After a week in High Point for market and a quick trip home to Nashville...i'm back in SC and can give you a quick update on the One Room Challenge.  While I don't have photos of the little progress that was made while I was gone...these things (that are going to make a big impact) did arrive!

Faux "living" boxwood wall....i'm pretty obsessed with this and now need an outdoor space to cover it in!

Ceiling tiles!!! Adios crap that reminds me of a school lunch room.

While my updates have been less than shocking hopefully the end result will all be worth it!

To make up for it... go and check out the 5 giveaways I have had this week to celebrate Confetti & Stripes turning 2!

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  1. I want so bad to use boxwood somewhere in my house! The tiles are going to look so pretty and vintage.

  2. I heart the boxwoods! And, the basement bedroom makeover that I'm doing has horrible ceiling tiles - I love what you have picked out for your ceiling - maybe I can change mine out one day.
    Shelia @ House of Highlands


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