Saturday, October 18, 2014

one room challenge | week 3: kuka juice

So this is a late to the game update.  I lost my camera cord and had to get a new one!  A teeny bit of progress has been made the walls have gone white!!!  So now we truly have a clean white box!  We also made a trip to ikea for cabinets that will be the base for the check out counter.  The pic is just the beginning of them being set up and playing around with a few options we had for layout.

Now we are on a slight waiting game for several things to come in that have been ordered.  I guess if there ever was a waiting game this would be the week.  I'm off to High Point Market in the morning so once that is over it will be full force to the finish!

Head on over to Calling It Home to see the progress everyone else has made!!

1 comment:

  1. The white really adds to the room, Mallory! Makes it look new and fresh. Can't wait to see it come together when everything gets in!


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