Thursday, October 9, 2014

one room challenge | week 2: kuka juice

I feel like I should name this post the progress you can't see!  So the only picture update I have is that we got to pick up these....

KEYS!!  (so fun, yet so boring!)  We can now actually get into the space.  A pretty important factor.  So we have had contractors coming by giving quotes on several things that need to be done and we have started ordering some pieces.  We also hope to make an Ikea run over the weekend for a cabinet and counter system (I know what you're thinking.... Ikea on a weekend...#killme).  Honestly I enjoy an Ikea trip any day of the week...I think only because we do not have one in Nashville so its fun to see what new products they have come out with or new room designs they have put together.  

Make sure to hop over to Calling It Home to see what actual progress the others have made!  Surely to be better than some keys!  

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