Wednesday, September 10, 2014

moroccan wedding blankets | history & decor

If you follow me on Instagram (@malloryshawdesign) you saw where yesterday I posted some fab Moroccan wedding storage baskets and hampers from West Elm.  I have always loved the look of Moroccan wedding blankets and who they have so much history while also being luxurious.

Moroccan wedding blankets (also known as Handira) are a piece you can incorporate into your home that add a beautiful texture, a little bit of glam, and a lot of history...tada conversational piece!  The blankets are hand woven out of sheep's wool, cotton, and linen by the brides female relatives which also represents many blessing of the marriage being woven together and a symbol of protection for the couple.  After the weaving is complete next comes the step of attaching hundreds to thousands of mirrored sequins.  During this part of the process it is said that the women teach the bride about all of her responsibilities and expectations as a wife.  I like to think of this as basically a way cooler version of the hope chest!  The bride then wears the blanket in cape form after the wedding ceremony as a symbol of protection and fertility.   They usually are natural in color along with the mirrored sequins making them obviously a beautiful decor piece as well.  While many retailers have started to sell machine made replicas the originals are all one of a kind pieces of art.

You now see them being used in so many ways...pillows, wall art/tapestry, rugs, poufs, and the obvious...blankets!

Get the look.  Here are a few of my favorites.  A few other sites I have found to search for originals are Etsy, Beyond Marrakech, and Chairish.

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