Thursday, September 25, 2014

little free libraries

Yesterday a designer friend posted on Facebook about her neighborhood having a "Little Free Library"....I immediately was intrigued by the little house and clicked on the article.  Next thing you know 2 am this morning when I should be sleeping and instead I'm browsing all of the cool designed little libraries.  This has seriously got to be one of the coolest projects I've come across and now I'm dying to do one in my own I've already sent the site over to my mom (a former elementary school teacher) b/c this is the perfect thing for the thousands of books she has saved for her some day grandkids!

This all came about in 2009 when Todd Bol of Hudson, Wisconsin built a small (think like an oversized birdhouse) one room school model that he placed on a post in his front yard and filled with books as a tribute to his mother (a former school teacher).  He then placed the sign that said free books and his neighbors and friends loved it!  He made several more houses/libraries that he gave away.  From there stemmed what has turned into a huge international project...that many of you may know about.  But like I said last night was the first I had ever heard of I thought I would share!

Even for the amazing little cute architecture!  Mini versions of things just get to me!

This one is in my college town...Columbia, SC (Go Cocks!)

If Frank Lloyd Wright were a Little Free Library....

They come in every shape and size you can imagine...

One for grown ups and one for kids!

One of my favorite things is they also share some of the stories behind the little libraries on their Pinterest page.  This one was buy a builder who was going through a dark and sad Christmas when she read about the project.  She talks about how building the library brought her some Christmas joy!

I mean I feel like this should be inside...its so good!

They don't even have to be small enough to stand on posts!

Where it all began...the very first Little Free Library!  They now estimate that there are between 10k and 11k little libraries in 52 countries!

You can learn more at their website, and even check the map to see if there is one near you!
I highly recommend checking out the pinterest page and flicker will be amazed


  1. This is so cute. I love how different they all are!

  2. I have heard on these once before and I love the idea as much as the designs!


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