Tuesday, August 26, 2014

etsy love: birch and goldberry

Most people (well those that would be reading this blog) would probably say Instagram is their favorite form of social media.  It is hands down my favorite in addition to being design, fashion, travel, ect inspiration overload, I have also discovered so many awesome brands that I did not know about before!  Case in point... the Etsy shop of Birch and Goldberry.  Hand painted wrapping paper has definitely been a growing trend and I always say I'm going to do it...but never do!  Ta-da you can now just buy it!  They will even do custom paper to work with your color scheme, ect.  Then there is also the fact that even if I tried I don't think mine would be as pretty!

In addition to wrapping paper they also have cards, candles, and these amaze soap bars!

You can see their site here and order here!

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