Thursday, June 19, 2014

pillow opinions please?!

Its time for a pillow swap up on the sofa.  I keep going back and forth on incorporating some color (pink/blush for summer) or not.  I feel like every time I do add color I end up switching it back to neutrals for a more sophisticated look.  So here is a quick mock up of what Ive been playing around with...any and all opinions welcome...including combinations I have not done here!

Our current situation is this... The funny thing is ever since this photo was part of a round up on Apartment Therapy I still have emails asking where the greek key pillows are from...answer: Homegoods! (Which I know is a frustrating answer too!)  And yes they once were fab...but are starting to look warn and even a few small pieces of embroidery are coming up...and we can't have that!

And that photo also frustrates me b/c it causes the sofa to look purplish...its grey!  It is this sofa from Z Gallerie and I removed the bolsters.

Ok...playing around a little....

2... Im fully aware both of these fabrics are on the verge of overkill...but I still love Channels and when the blush colorway of Imperial Trellis is hard not to still love!




Pillows I to suggestions of other I have completely reached the well known designers dilemma of not being able to make any decisions for myself that I make so easily for others!


  1. I love option #4 but I have lusted over Bengal Bazaar for a long time. I'm no help- sorry :)

  2. I actually love the way it is now..... But if you are going to change them then I am liking #2 and #4!

  3. I like #4 for a fresh change for summer! Love, love, love the Homegoods Greek key you have on there, too!

  4. My favorite is #4! I thought I would be in the minority here, but it seems that's what others are leaning towards too! I'm sure whatever you decide will be great, but I get the frustration. I ALWAYS have trouble picking pillows!

  5. I too love #4 because Les touches has always been a favorite. But so has Bengal Bazaar. Could you combine those two maybe? I have some ikat chevron pillows as well and love them but have been thinking of making a change as well. All great choices!

  6. Hey! I like the pink and leopard (4) and also mixing the blush imperial trellis with apricot and/or berry. Can't wait to see which combination you pick!!

  7. What a beautiful sofa! You will be so happy. I have one in my living room and it's wonderful! Now the wait begins! I look forward to seeing what you do with it!

  8. I have had the same pillows on my couch for 6 months now, time to rotate. Thanks for the inspiration! 3 & 5 are amaze.

  9. But after looking at it again 4 is my favorite!

  10. Personally I'd go with the pink pillow (Kasari Berry) and the mostly black one (Black w/ Ivory Key). I think the combination will go nicely with the rest of the decor in the room. It says chic and elegant but still functional and pretty. :)


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