Tuesday, June 17, 2014

obsessed: burl wood

I find myself being drawn more and more to burl wood.  In design plans its always a game of mixing various textures and this is one I love to bring in.  While it is actually made when trees have "burls" or deformities, it looks as though wood and marble got together and had a baby.  The warmth of wood with a marble like pattern...win-win!  Being that it is a rarity to find burled trees does make it a little pricier.  My favorite is vintage burl pieces, especially in the style of Milo Baughmann.  I have found it is easiest to find vintage pieces through sites like 1st dibs, Etsy, ect.  You can find pieces that range from uber traditional to modern!  Confession...I actually have a vintage burl wood parson dining table in our garage that I have no space for, yet knew I had to have and can't seem to let go of.  One day there will be space right?!


  1. Okay, Mallory, I'm also obsessed with burl! And I have been searching for a burl dining table, so if you're feeling like a hoarder and want to unload that table in your garage, I'd be happy to buy it from you! Let's make a deal!! ;)

  2. I love outdoor living spaces and your is beautiful. Here in Michigan our warm weather seems to be scarcer every year. The drapes are a wonderful touch!

  3. I actually think that the secretary might be yew wood. Yew also has a less linear pattern, but not quite as much movement as the burl pieces. Such a pretty combination of images you've put together!



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