Friday, June 6, 2014

gift guide: for the dapper dad

I can't believe Father's Day is in ONE week!  I feel like I was just putting together holiday gift guides and here we are already half way through the year!  A few of my favorites to hopefully make your shopping a little easier!

colorful golf gloves: With the colorful sock trend taking over why not have some fun on the golf course too.  Many more colors available and even an option to customize a color blocked glove (team colors?!)
power stays:  magnetic stays to keep their collar perfectly in place
4-in-1 olloclip: clips onto your iPhone to give you much better photo quality and the option of 4 lens types!  (I have this and love it!)
sunglasses:  Just in time for summer!  
Hermes tie: I think the best gifts are little luxuries/ things people want but sometimes feel guilty buying for themselves!
gingham dress shirt:  doesn't this make you wish you were at the beach?! bonus: no iron
portable grill:  The grill that looks like a briefcase!
wallet ninga: The modern take on a swiss army knife.  This 18 in 1 tool fits like a card in his wallet.  (I want this for myself!)
leather cooler:  Talk about life of the dapper party!...or tailgate!
fitbit: keep track of all your fitness goals just in time for swimsuit season.
pocket square:  I love that this really is like 4 pocket squares in 1 depending on how you fold it! (available in more colors)

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