Tuesday, May 20, 2014

dining alfresco

Last week I did a post on outdoor entertaining ideas.  While I have also been shopping around for our own back yard I put together an alfresco dining look to get you started just in time for the long weekend!  My favorite part...the entire dining set (table and 4 armchairs) is only $119 and solid wood...talk about a steal.

Also did you know you can order full cheese plates that are already put together for you?!  This seriously has to be one of the best ideas since sliced bread.  Creating cheese plates for guests can sometimes be intimidating (I mean I know what I like but cheese is a complete personal preference!).  So this takes all the guessing out on what compliments each other...they even have different cheese regions/themes to choose from!  Oh, and how about the chic smores maker?!... perfect for outside without having to have a full on fire (although if you do have one even more bonus points!)

1 comment:

  1. I was totally eyeing Crate & Barrel's gold lanterns in the store last night. Such a chic patio look!


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