Monday, May 12, 2014

5 fab ideas for outdoor dining

With the weather warming up it is the perfect time for outdoor dining and entertaining.  Here are a few ideas I love that may help with your next alfresco soiree!

1. Bring your indoor furniture out!  Perfect if you have outdoor furniture you rather no one see for entertaining...or no outdoor furniture at all!

2. Don't worry about furniture at all...sit on the floor!  No need to stress about having the perfect furniture setup (no one likes a stressed host anyways).  Pull together some benches or even a coffee table and throw down several blankets and pillows.  The picnic meets dinner party.  Just make sure to make sure your guests are ones that are able to get up and down from the ground!!!

3.  Unique Lighting.  I love how this chandelier is created out of branches with simple lighted globes hanging down.  I always see where people hang full on chandeliers outside...this is a great way to have the same effect without having to figure out electrical!  (note: battery candles are your friend!)

4. Use a tent to create intimacy.  This helps to make your yard feel more like an outdoor room!  I am obsessed with this in I want to use it for tailgate...too much?!

5. Create a tent out of lighting.  Use the base of those tents you do use for sporting events but give them a chic upgrade by removing the cover and adding string lights! Voila!

all images via Pinterest

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