Thursday, April 17, 2014

wallpaper elite: porter teleo

Many of you are very familiar with (or have at least seen) the wallpaper in Kelly Wearstler's entry.  Well Porter Teleo is like the Maserati of wallpaper.  The line included hand printed, hand painted wallcoverings and fabrics.  Now I just need to move or have a brave enough client to use this!  Most of the patterns are large scale so they turn your entire wall into a piece of art.  Which in my opinion if you're going to fork over the money for custom wallpaper it needs to make a statement!

Because every piece is done by hand they require anyone who works on the paper or fabric to have a background in fine arts.

Some of my favorites.  When you are looking at the colorway swatches it is best to invision them more like and entire wall vs how you normally look at a wallpaper sample.

There is always the option to frame some panels instead of doing you're entire wall! 

Or use the print in fabric!

You can check out more of their patterns and colorways here!

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