Tuesday, April 1, 2014

porch swinging

This is definitely the southern girl in me, but I LOVE a good porch swing.  We are finally entering that perfect time of year for it too.  This is one of those must haves for a future home and reminds me of growing up, my grandparents house, and especially beach time.  Reading books (or magazines), afternoon naps, or even phone conversations are better on porch swings.  I actually have been saving a few images with plans to do a post on them and then while looking through One Kings Lane today and seeing the many porch swings in their The Perfect Porch sale....it's perfect timing because everyone loves a deal!

Porch swings have evolved from the original country/ classic look that reminds me of Cracker Barrel rocking chairs.

I think the key to a great porch swing is oversize in depth (you can still have a deep swing in a smaller space...think so your feet don't have to touch the floor!) and plush comfy pillows.

Some of my picks from the One Kings Lane sale going on now!....


  1. My dad built a porch swing/bed like that for me and it is my favorite gift ever!

  2. I'm so ready to go spend some time outside! Any of those places would be divine!


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