Monday, April 28, 2014

layered bedding & working with a budget

A friend recently asked me about budget bedding.  This one is tricky for me.  I do think you can create a great looking bed on a budget, yet I also think your bed should be something you WANT to get into.  It should feel luxurious and relaxing.  So its important to know where to save and where to spend.  Even when on a budget I think it is better to buy gradually if you have to in order to make you're bed the best it can be!  So instead I have put together some tips plus a few looks that work around the basics!

1. NO bed in a bag.  The thought of them seriously gives me chills...and they are usually extremely overpriced for the quality of fabrics.
2. Mix & Match.  The answer to no bed in a bag...this also makes it easier to customize exactly what you want without having to have custom bedding made!
3. Duvets trump comforters.  Once you use a duvet you may never go back!  Seriously!  This gives you the ability to decide what weight of comforter you want and duvet covers are usually machine washable!
4. Luxury fabrics go far with pillows!  Are you in love with a super pricey designer fabric?...use it for pillows.  
5. Stick to all white basics (sheets, quilts, ect).  This helps to make changes down the road with duvet covers and pillows without having to do an entire bedding overhaul.  Plus white just looks clean and chic....bleach is your friend!

When shopping for your white basics you can find them in every price range as pretty much every retailer carries white!  Do try to buy the best you can in each category (this does not necessarily mean the highest price tag)...Think of it as the spanks or proper undergarments to your bed...they are what can make it look and feel good!  Buy the sheets that feel the this is what is actually rubbing against your skin!  When buying comforters I try to find the puffiest one (not always the heaviest weight)...I think they help to make the bed look more plush.  You know..make you want to jump in it?!

Here are a few looks I have put together to show you!

down or down alternative comforter: high // mid // low
quilt: high // mid (shown) // low
sheets: high // mid // low (shown)

prepster: duvet cover (sale through May 6) // euro shams // lotus leaf pillow
floral: duvet cover // euro sham // lumbar pillow (price for 13x35)

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