Tuesday, April 8, 2014

a chic milan home

Next month I'm heading back to Italy!  One place that is on the itinerary that we did not make it to last year is Milan.  I have obviously been doing research on places, restaurants, and shops not to miss and came across images of this awesome home (or should I say casa) of Milan based architect Luca Bombassei.  This is the perfect example of why I love Italy.  So much history, yet modern all at the same time.  I just imagine living here, drinking amazing wine, and obviously eating crazy good pasta!

Those floors and that mantle!!!

I love how everything is hidden in the kitchen.

I know this is only the hallway, but it is one of my favorite spaces.  The oversized super cool photo off sets the traditional floor and arched doorways.

Now I wish I was there now!  Also I would love any suggestions for places you love in Milan, Lake Como, Venice, Florence and Switzerland!  

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