Thursday, March 27, 2014

the daring powder room

Powder rooms are hands down one of my favorite spaces to design.  I consider them the wild card in a home.  They are your opportunity to take some chances and be a little more risky!  They usually are the one space you can convince clients to branch a little more out of their comfort zone.  The small size makes them the perfect candidate for bold wallpapers as there usually isn't much wall space which keeps it from becoming overwhelming.  They also give you the ability to use high end finishes without breaking the bank.  Added bonus most of the time they are in an area where they will be used by guests often so it gives the opportunity to have that design WOW that people will remember!  

This one is one of my current favs...The wallpaper is traditional yet modern all at the same time!

Cupcakes & Cashmere
Elle Decor

Both of these use the same wallpaper.  I love it paired with the brass and malachite mirror!

Jessica Waks
Lindsey Bunn
A. K. Studios
Tilton Fenwick

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