Tuesday, March 25, 2014

navy...mint... & nashville fashion week!

Next week is Nashville Fashion Week!  (If you're in the area you can still purchase tickets here!)  While browsing through the designers that will be presenting I fell in love with Amanda Uprichard...pretty much everything on her site makes me wish the snow that I woke up to this morning (spring?!) would go away and the warm days of bright dresses was here!

This dress confirmed my love of a navy and mint combo for spring.

Its so classic and fresh...great for both fashion and home design.


  1. It is FREEZING down here in Huntsville. Not cool.

    Love navy and mint - I have a navy scalloped J Crew dress and you have inspired me to find some mint sandals to go with it! :D

  2. Love that pendant but the link will not pull up for it's source. Could you please tell me where that is sold? Thanks!

    1. Hi Jennifer! The link should be fixed now! The pendant is the Malibu Folley by Ro Sham Beaux.


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