Tuesday, March 18, 2014

dining chair makeover inspiration

Lately I have been looking more into giving our dining chairs a make over.  They are Louis XVI chairs with rectangle backs (similar to these) which makes them super versatile.  I keep going back and forth on whether or not to do something different on the backs than what is on the front and seat.  I even recently thought I would try this fabric on the back in a black color way because I had some laying around!  Then I realize how intense it was going to be to take the chair apart just to change the back panel and decided this was a job better left to the pros!  I keep going back to possibly doing leopard on the front and seat with a solid color on the back.  But that also brings up the question of whether to change the color of the frame from black?!  ugh...decisions!

This is how they currently look....

Here are some inspiration images...

I also am not opposed to keeping the backs the same as the front!?

These have always been a favorite and one I keep coming back to.  I would just not distress the frames.

images via Pinterest

Thoughts?!  Have any of you done something different on the back? Did you tire of it quickly?


  1. Uggh, I know what you mean. Decisions are the worst (not sure if you saw my last post about my dining room), especially when you're bombarded with images and ideas all the time. We're our own worst clients! That last photo is one of my faves too. I love the idea of leopard and I wouldn't be opposed to a solid on the back. Or if you do leopard all over then you wouldn't have to change the frames. I like your black chairs so I wouldn't change them unless you just want more contrast or are tired of them. I'm not much help - so sorry.

  2. I love the last image with the spots... I totally agree with My Interior Life. It's so difficult to pull the trigger, as it is, when you are a designer. I'm my own worst client for sure.


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