Monday, March 3, 2014

design crush: veranda estate homes

With all the various social media outlets it can become very overwhelming to keep up.  Pinterest (mallorys315) and Instagram (@malloryshawdesign) are the two I use daily.  Pinterest for the obvious ideas, recipes, fashion inspiration, perfect wrapping jobs that make you want to have your own wrapping paper room in your house (I can dream right!?).   While, Instagram has become a fav simply as a way for inspiration and finding other designers, bloggers, and fashionistas, that I possibly may never stumble across otherwise.

One Instagram designer who's work I have fallen in love with is Melissa Hryszko of Veranda Estate Homes.  She and her husband are custom home builders based out of Calgary and their work continues to amaze.  I find when looking at real estate there are very few homes that I think oh I could move in and not change a thing.  Well pretty much every one of their homes I would move right into gladly!

I would allow no mud in this mudroom...its just too pretty!

Lets talk about that wood design on the wall can we?!  

No need to fight if you had to share this bathroom!

Or had this closet to retreat too!

Love the dark wood island paired with classic white cabinets and amazing range hood!  

Isn't it all just fab?! 
Be sure to follow them along on Instagram @verandainterior  I promise you will not be dissappointed!

1 comment:

  1. Um, yeah sign me up for one of their houses! Shoot, I would settle for just one of their kitchens!


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