Friday, February 21, 2014

our linen closet makeover

So as we have gradually changed everything in our house the one thing that is last on the list is closets.  Easy to continually put off as you can just shut the door and no guests see, well unless you have nosey guest!  So I have started doing major clean outs and reorganizing of our closets.  You know.. new years resolutions!?  This past weekend I decided to tackle our linen closet...I have been thinking/talking about redoing this closet for a in every time I opened the door and saw the ugly cream walls, shelves, and molding!  I went with my latest obsession of a pink blush color, b/c I was dying to paint something this shade and if I start redoing another room Richard may kill me!  The life of living with someone who's job it is to constantly study interiors!  Ok on to the good stuff..

A little before aka keeping it real...the hot mess that was our "linen" closet.  More like where the linens were kept along with a bunch of other random crap that did not belong!

Blank all its worn down cream glory!

The walls are Benjamin Moore's Love & Happiness.  I purchased on Valentines day and the cute old man mixing the paint asked if it was for a Valentine project!  Guess it was fitting!?

This closet now makes me so happy and I'm not completely mortified if a guest goes to grab a towel!

trim & shelves: Benjamin Moore White Dove
gold ribbon vase (used to store toothpaste)
cleaning bucket..DIY via Jenny Komenda


  1. Really pretty! I have a similar closet that could definitely use a little help. You've inspired me!

  2. This looks awesome! Such a great idea to pain the back walls, totally brightens it up!

  3. I am so jealous of your stash of white towels!!

  4. Love it! I just did a post a few weeks ago on the very same topic (below). Feels to good to have a fresh, clean linen closet. Makes me happy every time I grab a towel! You did a great job!

  5. i am in love with this closet! we have a similar small one in our hallway and you've inspired me! it has now become item 847 on my to do list!

  6. LOVE this Mallory!! I wouldn't close the door ~ so pretty, and only you would have such a stylish cleaning bucket! :) I'm so glad you stopped by to share it at Best of the Nest!

  7. Well, that's a dramatic makeover! I love your color palette, it looks so chic! Thanks so much for linking up with us at Best of the Nest!

  8. I 'discovered' your closet and your blog via Simple a Details. That linen closet shouldn't have a door--to pretty to hide! ;-)


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