Thursday, January 2, 2014

tools to keep your resolutions

Its that time when everyone is in full force of bringing out their inner Tracy Anderson, Martha Stewart, Julia Child, or whomever inspires you to make your life better.  So here are some items to help keep you on track with those resolutions in hopes that we all end up being part of the 8% that actually keep them!

Whitney English Day Designer:  People who use this planner swear by it.  It breaks each day into your schedule, to do lists, top 3 things to accomplish each day, and a few other daily tidbits.  I plan on ordering one!
Laura Casey Power Sheets:  These worksheets help you to create very clear goals and your plans for achieving them.

Magic Carpet Yoga Mat:  This yoga mat would make me excited to get to a class!...its the little things!
Nike Studio Wrap Footwear:  When I go constantly Pure Barre is one of my favorite workouts.  These are just so fun and allow your feet to breathe more than socks while still having nonslip bottoms.

Michael Graves Storage Totes:  Seriously the chicest storage totes I have ever found...I have already purchased a stack for my 2014 organization plans!
Huggable Hangers:  I know many love wooden hangers but I have found these to be much more practical for myself.  They take up less space and no worries of items slipping off while your sifting through your closet.
Muji Acrylic Drawers:  Have you ever seen the Kardashian's massive makeup drawers on their countertops?!  Well the ones they have are $$$.  While making over our master for the One Room Challenge I switched to these make up drawers and love them!
Galvanized Bins with Lids:  I plan to purchase these to use as cleaning buckets!  They would also make great storage for a kids space, laundry room, pantry...


  1. Happy New Year! I love your picks. I think they would motivate anyone!

  2. Those bins are fabulous! Love the brass handle!

  3. I've been considering getting the Whitney English planner and I think you've just convinced me. That yoga mat is fab as well!

  4. Ok...I want those Nike shoes. Do you have a pair? Where do you go to Pure Barre? I go to Brentwood location but admit, I have not been in like a month....ugh! It's going to kill me when I go back.


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