Monday, January 6, 2014

target does it again: threshold 2014

Bare with me as I online shop during the psychotic weather we have going on in Nashville...yesterday it was in the 50s... Right now it's 7 degrees... SEVEN (which supposively feels like -12).  I say at some point it's just a so cold it no longer matters and we have reached that point!!!

Ok on to more fun things...If you follow me on instagram you saw where I posted this awesome bench last night...I mean for less than $100...I die.  Imagine a pair?!  I'm not going to lie Targets new collections for the home are dangerously good!

More of my favorites from the new Threshold collections...I know this is not a few!

Shop more from each of the new Threshold collections:


  1. That bench is fab!! Target gets it done!!

  2. I absolutely love Target's latest collection. I think my apartment needs some sprucing up!

  3. Oh wow. Thanks for sharing these benches. I had no idea. They are fab! Did you see the smaller square ones in hot pink and lavender. Very fun!

  4. Target is killing it! I love it all :) xo Kristin


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