Wednesday, January 15, 2014

new years organization: linen closets

Part of my 2014 goals is to rework our closets so that they are more efficient and functional.  But lets also get serious...If you make them esthetically pleasing you're more likely to keep them organized!  Or is that just me?!  So we have a small linen closet that I think is a good jumping off point as it should not take too much to bring it up to par.  Here are some images I'm loving for inspiration...

Such a great idea to add towel bars to the inside of your doors!  (tip: If you have hollow core doors you can buy anchors to convert any towel bar so that it may be installed on the door securely!)

Don't have a closet?!  Use an armoire!


  1. uggh, I wish my linen closets were that pretty!

  2. I wish I had thought about doing towel bars inside the door when we were building our house!


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