Wednesday, January 29, 2014

my favorite neutral: leopard

Leopard is one of my favorite prints EVER.  I love using it in interiors and if we're being honest I wear some form of it probably 5 times a week.  I own so many leopard flats that a neighbor recently commented about how he never sees me in anything but leopard shoes!  Well they easily go with everything.  You constantly see things saying leopard is a neutral..I couldn't agree more.  Its the most common animal print and is the least likely to go out of style!  It can be paired with florals to camo and come off equally chic.  Just be careful...and pick your leopard prints wisely as some can look very MTV spring break!

Some of my favorite leopard things from around the web!  That rug I have literally been stalking to come back in stock in the size I need for our guest bedroom...ugh!

5. belt // 6. serving bowl (this is part of an entire china set!) 
7. coasters  // 8. swimsuit ( I know it's early but I'm daydreaming here!) 
9. pillow // 10. flats // 11. paper tray


  1. Fabulous round up! My fav print of all time as well :)

  2. I consider leopard a neutral too! Love it!

  3. I need that swimsuit - if that doesn't motivate me to get back into swimsuit shape, nothing will!

  4. It takes a lot for me to use leopard- in my house or wardrobe but every time I do I feel so sassy :)

  5. The pillow is fab! Think I might have to order a couple!


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