Thursday, January 16, 2014

kourtney kardashian home tour

I have admitted my Bravo and E! reality tv addiction before, and with that comes the fact that I DO watch the Kardashians.  Kill me...its my guilty pleasure.  My favorite style wise is definitely Kourtney....there have been numerous times I catch myself hitting pause on the tv to study the background of her house.   I mean constantly spotting pieces that are on my wish list in the background made me know I would love the rest.  I have also searched the web several times just trying to find anything I could!  Not being able to even find any images on the designer, Jeff Andrews, site...I knew that meant it would be published at some point!  So FINALLY her home tour is out in the new InStyle magazine!!!  I know this may be a little bold for some...but look closely...all of the bold colors are in pieces that can easily be swapped out!  I for one am obsessed and want to move in.... like yesterday!

all images via InStyle

Which space is your favorite?!?!  I love them all!  


  1. I have also been obsessed with her house for a while. I love the kitchen and family room best. This is the first time I've seen the room with the bold striped walls; wild!

  2. Oh her house is sick. I obsess over her wallpaper every time I watch! I have a feeling she had a major hand in it too considering that she has great taste and is a total control freak :)

  3. I think she went a little overboard on the stripes and chevrons, but much better than some other celebrity homes I've seen. I actually really like the dining room because of the chandelier and table.

  4. Its all gorgeous!! That chevron does pop up in every room haha

  5. The office is my fave and her kitchen and kids' play room are great as well. Very pretty!


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