Wednesday, January 22, 2014

how to style your dresser / vanity

With the start of the new year I'm sure many of you have some form of organization on your list of things to do.  I have always loved seeing when people incorporate their jewelry and makeup into the styling of their dressers or vanities.  Its an easy way to keep your styling functional too...especially for something that is used on a daily basis.  I love how all of these vignettes include lots of pieces, yet the use of trays, bowls, boxes, ect keep them from feeling cluttered.

A House in the Hills
Style Me Pretty
Some tips to get you started with styling your own space:
1. Assess your needs...this will help determine how many bowls, boxes, trays you will need.
2. Lean art against mirrors...this helps to add another layer.
3. Lucite & acrylic is a great way to store things while keeping them easy to see.
4.  Think outside the box when it comes to containers & jewelry holders:
ashtrays as bowls
ceramic egg trays to keep earrings paired together
agate slabs and cake stands are great for perfume and makeup bottles
ice buckets for belts or scarves
busts to hold necklaces
5. Include unique decorative objects to make it more personal.
6. Fresh flowers (or plants!)....they are proven to make you happy!

4. Cocoa & Hearts  //  5. three piece horn set  //  6. jewelry tree
7. palm dish  //  8. acrylic 5 drawer case  //  9. horn tile box


  1. I love the inspiration and tips! I have a little shelf styled with my jewelry, but I love these ideas. :)


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