Friday, January 31, 2014

2014: the year of the horse

Today is the Chinese New Year...and with that comes a new animal for the year.  2014 is the year of the wooden horse replacing 2013's water snake.  The meanings of the wooden horse have varied from what I've found (via the always accurate world wide web).  Some say it is a symbol of authority, meaning its a good year for promotions and business owners.  While others say the recklessness of the horse can cause conflict.  So you choose which to believe!  Being a small business owner I am going with option one!  When I think of horses 3 things immediately come to mind....Hermes, the Kennedy's, and the royals!  All things I can fully get on board with!

Not to mention what better animal is there to implement into chic!

Need a little horse inspiration for your home?!  This is a roundup I put together about a year ago that I continue to see pop up on Pinterest.  I have updated it with similar things if the previous are no longer available!

horse triptych / picture frame / hermes blanket / trophy vase (similar) / porcelain tray / "equestrian style" / chandelier (similar) / metal trunkriding boot umbrella stand (similar here & here) / horse wall hook / rug (similar) / fireplace screen

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