Thursday, December 19, 2013

how to tie a tiffany's bow

Yesterday while out racing myself to complete Christmas shopping I was at Tiffany's waiting on my purchases to be wrapped in the pretty blue boxes with red ribbons and realized I LOVE that they wrap them in front of you.

I am also one of those people that when staying at hotels I like to watch the bed being made to hopefully learn a trick on how to make my own bed more like a hotel.  So as I had the lady show me how as she was doing it I thought I'm sure there is a video out there that shows this...and there is!  So I thought I would to tie the perfect bow that keeps the bottom of your package flat and unties with one pull!

While were in the Christmas frenzy did you see Michael Buble's duet with Mariah Carey last night?!  It was even better than last years duet with Blake Shelton.  If you're in a Grinch mood this is what will turn it around....

Happy Thursday everyone!

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