Thursday, December 12, 2013

holiday gift guide 2013: my wish list

Here we Christmas Wish List.  I don't love making these...I feel that as I get older there isn't really anything that I NEED.  With that being said...I am fully aware that several of the items on this list are outrageous prices.  This is just for fun and I by no mean expect to receive these!!!  Key word WISH list!

1.  I have been in love with this Burberry coat since the first time I saw it.  I stalk the store hoping it will go on super sale!
2. I know this is a little pricey for a centerpiece/ bowl...but its more like art and by my all time favorite designer!
3. These are the coolest headphones there ever were.  I finally saw them in person and they are high quality!
4. Because there are no DryBars in Nashville...tear.  Maybe I can teach myself their great techniques with this blowout kit!
5.  This chandelier would take our dining space to next level right?!  I actually think this is a NEED ;)  We can always take it with us whenever we move!
6. After treating myself to the smaller throw of an H blanket this past year I really think the larger Giant Avalon Throw would make killer bedding!
7. This is the dry texturizing spray celebs swear by.  I try really hard to only wash my hair every 4-5 days(it took a lot of training to get to that point!)...this seems like its the perfect product to help on those last days before a wash!
8. Its no secret I have a diptyque obsession....this Baies oval would be perfect in my closet...or car?!?!
9. Ok I have asked for this bracelet on pretty much every Christmas, valentines, birthday list I've made...although it always seems to be sold out around those day!
10. I know this is lame but I want this stick vacuum so bad!  Perfect in between normal vacuuming!
11. I owned a pair of earring similar to these that I wore all the time...until I lost one!  I was so excited to see these crystal cluster studs!


  1. Wow, a lot of these are on my dream/wish list too. Go big or go home, right? I thought there was a blowout bar on White Bridge Rd. near J. Alexander's. I've never been there but have seen a sign for one, I think.

  2. That blanket and chandelier are amazing! Definitely would make any space!

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