Tuesday, December 10, 2013

hermes orange boxes tied up with strings....

Hermes boxes have become more and more popular in home storage styling...and why not?!  They are the perfect shade of orange.  I recently sought out on Ebay and Etsy to purchase some more boxes to add to our very small collection (of which most are tie boxes...boring!) for some styling.  I was thinking maybe a lot of 10 for $50...I mean they are empty boxes that are free when you make a purchase.  Although I guess with the cost of anything from Hermes they are not exactly free.  But I was shocked to see many had starting prices of $30 for ONE box...that is EMPTY!  What the heck?!  Who pays this?!  Shopping bags were going for about the same price.  Insanity!  Maybe ill one day have a friend that registers for Hermes china (not likely) and I can stalk her for the boxes...here's to wishing!  They are so pretty when used in interiors though.  Sigh!

I love this little set up!

An idea for my tie box size!

So do you work at Hermes and have the orange box hook up or have some laying around your house you need taken off your hands?!

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  1. I just purchased a vintage Hermès scarf on eBay and had it framed. Many of the ones on eBay will come with a box, although mine didn't (bummer). The way I see it, if you're gonna buy a $50 box you may as well come with a beautiful scarf in it!


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