Wednesday, November 13, 2013

furniture history 101 with one kings lane

Everyone knows about One Kings Lane....if you don't where have you been and go check it out now!  It is one of my favorite sites and I check it daily for deals on home decor items and more.  I recently was contacted by OKL letting me know about their new Home Decor Resource and knew I had to share!  If you follow me on instagram you know I love the thrill of the hunt...whether it be antique, vintage, or thrift stores...and lets not forget the flea market.  I am often asked about how I know when things are of value, ect.  Well first realize that I am looking at this stuff everyday...I also enjoy studying the history of furniture...weird I know!  I still am no where close to knowing everything and am constantly searching items that I find to figure out exactly what they are....this is where the Home Decor Resource comes in and can also help you!  It allows you to search by various categories such as period and style so that you can find out all of the awesome history of your fab piece of furniture.

Here is an example!  So my favorite statement chair in our house is the Barcelona Chair in our living room.  The day I saw it there was no contemplating.  It was going home with me right then (well until I realized it wouldn't fit into my car)...but that's minor details!  A borrowed car later and it was in our home!  I love how it is a classic, yet still modern.  Its a good balance to a few traditional pieces I have in our dining/living area.  

I knew the basic history of this chair yet learned more after reading on the Home Decor Resource...

Even though this is my favorite chair I never noticed that the entire steel structure is one continuing piece.  It's interesting to think about how innovative and forward thinking this would have been in the 1920s and how you still see the same chair in so many spaces today, over 80 years later.  

It makes me love it even more than before.  Its not just a piece of furniture but also a piece of history and art.  

Go check out the site and you never know some of the furniture in your own home could be something way more than you ever thought...this happens a lot with "hand me downs" so do your research.  I know I will also be bookmarking this for quick reference on my phone while out shopping!

If you are not a member of One Kings Lane you can sign up here.  You won't be disappointed..promise!

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