Wednesday, October 2, 2013

weekend finds...

This past weekend was flea market weekend.  While September and October are always the largest months I did not have much luck and came home with only this...

1953 Girl Scout Handbook...Which I was still pretty excited about b/c I have been on the lookout for one!  Needless to say though only having one find on a large month is a bummer.  We also had friends in town this weekend so Saturday morning we checked out the mile long yard sale (which doubles not only as a yard sale but also a cultural experience of small town TN!)  About every 50 ft there was another you name it we can fry it stand!

So now for the finds... vintage ashtray complete with cigar stands.  Some law books with pretty spines for styling.  

Brass elephant stand with a glass paperweight (that has a flat bottom and obviously doesn't go with the stand) but the reason I brought it home was to try as an ostrich egg stand.  Cant decide how I feel about it though.  Is the stand too small??

 Must have been a brass elephant day b/c I also picked up these guys...arent they cute!

This cool rock was mined in TN.  (its more black in person)

A happiness jar!

We then accidentally stumbled across a craft fair at Centennial Park where I picked up this print of a painting...doesn't it look like a photo?!

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