Thursday, October 24, 2013

one room challenge: week 4

Ok its week 4...what?!  See the other posts on progress here! Two weeks left and I will be gone for 5 of those days...looks like there will be lots of online shopping!  While there is still lots to do I feel like I have also checked off some major furniture!  The rest is the fun part!

So a few shots so you can see what were working with....

The horn pull won...the other was just too big and looked forced.  The lamps are the perfect size to still leave lots of space on top!  This will look way better once styled too...that is being saved for our final reveal though!

I have said it many times before that I have a slight obsession with lamps...These infamous Nate Berkus lamps have been hanging in the garage waiting on me to use them somewhere..  So I'm playing with the option of using them here.  I hope to switch out this art work also.

Then the bed made its way into the room! yay!!  It looks bare right now but once rugs are in I think it will make a huge difference!

I brought in the Dwell Studio bedding I told you about in my last post...

I'm thinking a large centered lumbar pillow to finish off the bed. (yes the table to the left is lower...I had a came out of the wall! So I need to have it reinstalled with something stronger!)

Whats left....

1. Rug(s):  I really wanted to do antelope but the turn around time is 10-12!  Do you have an antelope rug you want to sell or know of a buy it now source?!
My other options are layering some to add more textures or to do a black and white rug like this one.
2. Art:  Change the art over bedside tables or do art over the bed?!
3. Windows: Drapes and maybe new shades
4. Smaller pillow(s) to finish off the bedding
5. l'objects: the fun styling stuff!
6. A new camera...its time...these pics aggravate me.  Suggestions on ones that are great for shooting interiors appreciated!

I also have 2 days of giveaways that are still open for you to and here!


  1. Your room is beautiful...very soothing and spa-like!

  2. Love that bed! Everything is looking great.

  3. Looks wonderful! Great bed, bedding and lighting Mallory!!!

  4. Wow, such gorgeous lamps. And I love the bedding too!

  5. I love your bed, Mallory and it's all looking great, just needs your awesome styling touch! I'd be freaking out if I were going to be out of town for 5 days! :)


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