Thursday, October 10, 2013

one room challenge: week 2

Welcome to week two of the One Room Challenge...where I'm giving our master bedroom a little makeover in 6 weeks...insanity yes...but excited to see the finished result!  If you missed it check out week 1 here!

This week I shopped our house as well as picked up a few main focus was the vanity/ dressing table area...This is what I had before.  While not really my style, this is more of a sentimental piece as it was my grandmothers...She always got ready here and this is also were I learned to paint my nails the same wait I paint them to this day (start in the middle and push the brush back to your cuticle!)...oh back on subject.  Well why I LOVE this piece for all of the memories it just wasn't the best fit with it being so large and chunky.  This is a small room so this is pretty much the only place for it to also happens to be the only air vent in the room is right underneath!  So it is going to my parents house for now.

I first started shopping the house.  I still had this desk and hutch (in black) from when I was in college in our laundry room that I kept my sewing machine on (I've never sewed at that desk once!) away with the hutch and the table part came up.

The knob is a boring plain jane though so I picked up these two to try out from Antrhopologie...I'm saving the final decision for once the room is together though...

I also brought out a gold antique mirror that was my great aunts and this Ballard Design ottoman that also doubles as storage....

These lamps I have been eyeing for a when I noticed they were now on clearance...sold...a pair came home with me!

With the drastic downsize in storage it made me pair down everything (which is a good thing!) I've ordered a few pieces to help keep things organized on top!

Now for what I like to call the GREAT BED DEBATE....the Craigslist gods are not on my here are my current of these two beds...the white one could potentially go charcoal grey or the black one (ignore that hideous bedding) could even be painted gold...thoughts?!

*If you own the white bed (ikea edland/ hemnes) and want to sell let me know!*

Or I can keep the current headboard and just add this bed frame...the goal is no bedskirt!

Any and all thoughts on the bed welcome?!   Check back tomorrow to see how I paired my make up down to my must haves!!


  1. I'm voting for the gold on the black bed!! I love my sentimental pieces as well ... but good for you for just taking a break from it if it feels too heavy there! Here's to moving forward!

  2. I like the lines of the IKEA piece better, more simplistic and versatile!


  3. Good luck with the CL bed, I know how frustrating that can be under pressure. I love the stone? knobs you picked up. The lamps are really pretty with the tall thin lines.

  4. I love both knobs Mallory, tough choice for you! I agree with Kim on the bed as well! good luck dear!

  5. Those are great knob choices, I think either will look great. I say go with the black bed! :)

  6. Keep the faith maybe CL will still pan out! :) Love shopping your house and finding 'new' pieces! :)


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