Wednesday, October 9, 2013

$8 marble at target

Ever since I found this bowl I have been wanting to share.  I hoped it would eventually be available on so I could share a direct link...but no luck.  So my own pictures will have to do along with I'm sure most of you are in Target weekly so you can check it out in person!  Target Threshold now has a collection of REAL white marble pieces in the kitchen section.  Its a pretty white marble too!  I have become obsessed with the marble salt bowl.  It is just over 4"in diameter, is a great shape....and is $7.99! What?!  I now have on my vanity, desk, and next to the sink.

The coaster is also part of the same collection for $7.99!

When I first saw them it immediately reminded me of Kelly Wearstler...I know its not as cool as hers...but the shape is super similar...and at about 1% of the price!

The Threshold collection includes many other pieces including a cheese board & cake stand...all reasonably prices...go check it out!


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