Sunday, September 8, 2013

stars aligned: kelly wearstler & cameron diaz

Hope you all had a great weekend.  If you have yet to see the October issue of Elle Decor you should run not walk to grab it!  This issue is OOC!!

The cover and main article feature the ultimate pair of my favorite Kelly Wearstler who collaborated with and designed Cameron Diaz's NYC appt.  Could you think of a cooler pair?

I would not change a single thing! It is pure perfection.  What I love most about Wearstler's designs is that when you look at them they could have been designed 15 years ago or yesterday...they are timeless, but not in a classic/traditional way.  She always has the most unexpected details.

This kitchen?! What?!  The combination of light fixture, cabinets, and the brass counters, backsplash, and sink is out of this world.  I love that they left the brass unlacquered so that it would show the wear overtime to add more character.

The bedrooms are exactly what I would picture Diaz living in...

I would have the worst ADD in this shower...I would just stare at its beauty and have to remind myself to focus and wash my hair!

This vanity is perfection....can I please steal it!?!?!  A separate drawer for everything you have!

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