Tuesday, September 3, 2013

pantone fall 2013: part one

Hope everyone has an awesome long weekend.  Even though it has been 90+ degrees lately and humidity levels of kill me now the start of football and fashion week has me in full fall ready mode.  So lets talk Pantone's Fall 2013 collection.  It consists of 10 colors...all of which I love and can't wait to incorporate into design and my wardrobe!  For the sake of keeping this from being the worlds longest post I am breaking it up over a few days...and leaving out Emerald (you can see my original Emerald post here), but I figure we have all had enough Emerald thrown in our faces to show more!

Linden Green:  This organic color is great for fall fashion and home decor accents.

rug // pillow // blouse // lamp // skirt // sofa

Mykonos Blue:  Who doesn't love this color?  Any color that is based off one of the most beautiful places in the world is sure to work with anything!

Acai:  This midnight purple screams fall and royalty.

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