Monday, August 26, 2013

weekend finds: nashville flea market

Sorry this is such a late post...better late than never though right.  This past weekend was flea market weekend in Nashville.  I realized that I am pretty good about showing finds on my instagram, but then forget to show them here!  This was the first weekend with no rain in Nashville in a while, and while it was hot, it wasn't unbearable...making it perfect flea market weather.  I also finally ran into Kathy of My Interior Life, she is another Nashville blogger that has the best eagle eye for finding awesome pieces!

When vintage shopping I have realized I am almost always in one of two modes...and rarely both at the same time...I either see the big picture as I'm looking (furniture finds) or I'm completely zeroed in (decorative accessories, ect.).  Crazy how our brains work that way.

This was definitely more of a l'objects month...b/c I need more!!

This stapler will prob be one of those things I always regret not cool...a shrink and his patient!  (Many designers can relate to this!).  This was also a cool chandelier...imagine it over a tulip tables with some cool black chairs!

 Here is what I did bring home....(after being cleaned up!)

A cool and super heavy black clock (made in France!) and a marble based letter holder!

This small marble box and black campaign jewelry case

The case did not look so pretty to start out...I was giddy and got ahead of myself and forgot to take a before pic...but I shot this to show how bad the (worlds tiniest campaign) hardware was...

Since all of the brass polishing goodies were already pulled out and it was finally weather that made you want to be outside I decided to tackle this guy that has been waiting to get a face lift for a while...(4 hours later)

I also brought home this floor lamp that still needs to be cleaned up...but she will be amazing once she is!

And this cool mirror from an estate not a bad weekend...despite the train wreck that was Miley last night!


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