Thursday, August 8, 2013

realestalking: miami's star island

Next week I'm headed back to Miami, I cant help but real estate stalk other cities sometimes and came across this stunner worth sharing!  It shows another side of my design multiple personalities..but I just love almost everything about this house, it even has the ability to only change the furniture and completely change the look...think more mad men old school palm beach entertaining going on around the pool and bar!

So if you're in the market and have an extra $35M to spare...then jump on this 16,000 sq ft, 11 bed, 11 full bath, 4 half bath mansion on the uber exclusive Star Island.  Then invite me to your housewarming party so I can sit in awe and meet all your new awesome a-list neighbors!

This kitchen makes me want to be that strange?!

Did I mention the master suite is 1,800 sq ft...thats bigger than my house! 
 With your own private second level pool...because sharing with your guests below at the main pool is what common people do!

I would get lots more work done if this was my home office, right?!
 Where your guest will stay...better than any hotel!
Where all of your parties will be!
The view!
Oh...and this is your new neighborhood!...sign me up...I will never leave!

1 comment:

  1. What a stunning home. Did you notice the sunken bath in front of the sliding glass doors? That looks a bit dangerous? That kitchen would definitely make me healthier because I would be afraid to cook or eat in it.


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