Thursday, August 22, 2013

craving pink

Pink is one of my favorite colors to use as an accent.  Its warm but still soft?!  Many people think this only works for bachelorette pads...but I beg to differ!  When using the right shade and the right amount (no need to paint all of your man cave walls bubblegum pink) it can really work.  I recently learned that one of the number one questions Richard gets about my blog is how he felt about having pink drapes in the master bedroom?!  Which I eagerly replied with "oh, I can change them" (complete master overhaul images dancing in my head!).  I was then shocked and proud to hear him say he "thinks they are cool and different"...who else has pink drapes that we know?!  So see not all men are throwing up the Heisman to pink!

A super inexpensive way to incorporate pink...paint the back of your bookshelves.

Oh Michelle Adam's Apartment will always be one of my favs.

You can even use a softer pink if a brighter version is intimidating.

It's also a great color to revamp old furniture to new again.  Don't be shocked if I end up doing this in the near future!  Aren't the nightstands amazing?!

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