Wednesday, July 10, 2013

our italian casa/ castle: castello di montegufoni

Since I shared all of the food we consumed, I thought I would share with yall our "house" where we stayed in Italy.  It was located in the Tuscan region just outside of Florence in Montespertoli.  The scenery was unbelievable and just how you imagine Tuscany would be..I wish I was still there!

We stayed at the Castello di Montegufoni.  An old castle that has been turned into apartment/ hotel style rooms as well as a few bungalows that surround it.

We had one of the surrounding bungalows...

Some of our views....

The pool felt like you were in the secret garden!

The castle had lots of little passageways and random/amazing areas like was easy to get lost!

And a lemon garden which I was pretty obsessed with!  I want lemon trees at my house SOOO bad!

The castle by one chef with one waiter!

Where lots of this went down...

Our little bungalow was a 2 bd/ 2 ba with small kitchenette...My favorite part was how all of the giant windows & arched doors opened completely, yet also had wooden shutters which made rooms pitch black! 

Now I'm ready to go back!

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  1. Oh wow this looks stupendous! So jealous. Love the photos you did a great job. Heh funny I just looked at a blog of a trip to England it was super dark and over cast and here it is all sunshine!

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken


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