Tuesday, July 2, 2013

first impressions

Growing up we always had a red front door.  Even when my parents moved one of the first things to change was the front door....to red!  I'm not really sure why red...I'm sure the fact that my fam is die hard SC Gamecock fans definitely played a role though!  Now that I have my own home I appreciate a colored front door even more.  I think is says so much about a homeowner and creates a welcoming atmosphere.  Someone willing to have a bright pink (or any color) front door obviously doesn't take life too seriously don't ya think?!

Because we live in a townhouse one of the downfalls is HOA regulations...aka I cant change our door color...bummer!  So I have decided I'm going to paint the door from out garage to the house a color...we use it 95% of the time anyways!  Which color is still up in the air!  What are your thoughts?

These pinks work with these doors and surprisingly don't yell barbie!

This image has been saved on my computer for years...the perfect shade and that hardware!

You can get the same effect by painting just the trim around the door a bright color...kind of obsessed with this door!

Do you have a colorful front door?  If so, what color?


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